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OS: Ubuntu 16.04.6
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I have a video file which was imported a couple of months back on an older Sonarr version and the detected audio channels were 6. Due to some issues, I had to import the file again today and this time the detected audio channels were 5.1.

The mediainfo shows the channel count as 6 for the primary audio track but the arrangement is 5.1. Does this mean that this was an issue earlier which has been fixed now or is there some regression?

I checked the detected audio channels via the info available on the episode section.

Mediainfo of the File:

Mediainfo Version: 19.09-1

Let me know if any further info is required.


It was an issue that was fixed.

Great. Would you mind specifying the commit for the same too?

Am I correct in assuming that the expected behaviour now is that it will consider the channel position too along with (or instead of) the channel count?

Is there any way to force a mediainfo rescan of the already imported content so the audio channels can be corrected? I include the AudioChannels as part of my naming convention and I would like to get them all corrected. A simple refresh doesn’t seem to be accomplishing it even with Analyse Video Files enabled and Rescan Series Folder after Refresh set to Always

Offhand I don’t know when it was made.

That was always the intention, just some case(s) where it wasn’t.

No way to force this currently.

Is this something that you would consider as a valid feature request? I can raise a Github issue for it, if so.

Thanks a lot for the help.

It already exists.

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Awesome, thanks. Subscribed to the issue.

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