API episodefile import sequencing

Working in v4 Beta (latest), I’m writing some API calls and I’m curious if I can consider “episodefile” as transaction safe relative to importing of downloads… That is to say, will the episodefile path returned only reflect the latest info when the whole file has been moved/copied into the folder already, or will that information be there before the copy is complete (leading my API to pickup partial files if the copy/move isn’t done yet)…

If it isn’t transaction safe in this way, is there a way to ensure that a file is not undergoing a task (import/copy/move) by Sonarr before I do something with it in a 3rd party program but getting the path from the API?

The API will not return a file until is it fully imported, after which it’s added to the DB and will come back via the API.

Thanks, perfect!

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