Any way to get only stereo releases?

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OS: macOS Sierra
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I have a problem where my media viewer is a VR headset (Oculus Quest), and the softwares I use (DeoVR and BigScreen) don’t seem to be able to handle multi-channel audio. Many downloads in Sonarr end up containing MC audio and I need stereo for the headset. Is there any way to tell sonarr to only grab stereo releases? I’ve put 5.1 as an exclusion word but that doesn’t work since not all MC audio releases put 5.1 in the filename. Appreciate any suggestions… thanks!

  1. v2 is EOL and obsolete, update to v3
  2. preferred words

Note that preferred words won’t help if it’s not in the release name.

Oh wow I had no idea my version was EOL. It auto updates so I figured it was set & forget. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like it won’t address this particular issue though which is a shame. =(

Oh damn so THAT is what everyone was talking about with the “new calendar view”. I thought maybe they were on some beta or something… this is just dreadful. Absolutely horrible. Go back to the old style, seriously… this is just so bad. Feel like I might want to roll back but I wonder if/when it’ll stiop working entirely.

It’s changed up in nightly.

Oh thank goodness… in that case I can wait for it to trickle down to the regular builds. Glad to hear!