Another "path is already configured as a root folder" problem but not permissions, probably

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): ?
OS: Synology DSM 7.2
Debug logs: Ubuntu Pastebin
Description of issue:

Trying to change the root path for existing media/requests to the same actual location, just using correct(different?) pathing. Sonarr/Radarr does not recognize old path as a valid directory anymore and says its ‘already configured’

old root folder: /!!Anime/!!Anime/
New root folder: /hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex/!!Anime

The root folder was never renamed or moved, but I just upgraded and rebuilt all of my arrs along with synologys new 7.2 update and shifting from docker to container manager.

With current mapping Sonarr/Radarr work perfectly fine with newly added media. However with any old media or requests it does not see the old mapping anymore as valid, and when I try to change the root folder it says “Path is already configured as a root folder” even tho I deleted the old mappings and added the new ones.

Anything that was old is unable to import in both radarr/sonarr

System Status message: Multiple root folders are missing: /!!Anime/!!Anime | /!!TV Shows/!!TV Shows

However I have mapped: /hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex/!!Anime
/hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex/!!TV Shows

This is how I mapped the volumes in the old .yaml :

  • /volume1/docker/sonarr:/config
  • /volume1/hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex:/!!TV Shows
  • /volume1/hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex:/!!Anime

New .yaml mappings:
- /volume1/docker/sonarr:/config
- /volume1/hiimawalrusSHARE:/hiimawalrusSHARE

I pulled the old and new .db file with sql and these are the values under root folder

Old .db file:
2,/!!TV Shows/!!TV Shows/

New .db file:
4,/hiimawalrusSHARE/Plex/!!TV Shows/

I’m positive I goofed mapping and this is 100% my fault but I don’t remember exactly why/how because that was a year ago. Not positive how to fix, thank you ahead of time for any help!

That means the path you’re attempting to set for the series is the path of a root folder. If you’re changing the path by editing a single series it needs to contain the series title in the path, otherwise use mass editor to change the root folder and Sonarr will append the series folder automatically.

The root folder is the same location. Sorry I’m having trouble articulating the issue correctly. No files have moved if that makes sense. Same path as always.

If the location is the same why do you need to change a series path?

Any old requests cant process because of the error, and are also unfixable without nuking it.

Then it’s not the same location (since the old root folder no longer exists).

My first reply is relevant, either there is a root folder with the path you’re trying to use for a series or the path you’re trying to use for the series is wrong.

You are refusing to hear my problem lol.

“Then it’s not the same location”
It is.
“(since the old root folder no longer exists).”
It does (never changed)

This is why I am here on the forums. There’s some problem with the mapping of the root folder or something.

Thank you for your time and the replies!

I’m not refusing to hear your problem, you’re making confusing and contradicting statements.

Sonarr doesn’t care what the underlying storage is, it only cares about the mount in the container, so “the root folder is the same location” cannot be true if the mount changed in the container.

You need to change all the series that are using the wrong root folders, but you’re changing the series path to the exact same path that is already configured for the root folder, instead of a sub folder of that root folder, which is what I said in my first response.

I understand the band aid is to manually redirect every series but I was trying to find a better fix, because I have a massive library. The problem doesn’t make sense to me as the actual library folders have not changed.

From what you have told me it seems the issue was changing the mount point path in the container.

So all in all solution is to tell sonar to manually move every folder to the same spot on my drive? Maybe there’s not a solution other than that but just seems weird

I’m also not sure I follow completely, but if you changed the mount names inside the container…

Try to see it from sonarr’s point of view. The container is all it sees, and for all intents and purposes, the mount is a drive. It doesn’t know about the world outside the container, where maybe files are still in the same location.
All it knows is the series were in a folder (“drive”) called x, and now they’re in y. Outside the container x and y may point to the same location where all your files (still) are, but inside the container you just removed a drive and created a new one.

That makes more sense! So theoretically I just add the old mappings back to the container and sonarr would be happy with that?

Use mass editor (select series on the series list) and change everything under the old root folder to the new root folder, when prompted tell Sonarr not to move the files.

Don’t do that, those are bad overall mappings, just fix the old series to be on the new, correct root folder.

Will do, thanks for the help!

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