Annoying anime naming trend

Seems like more and more anime release groups are putting their release name first in the title, which (I think) royally screws up scraping by Plex and other players.

If I’m right about that, could Sonarr help?

The troublesome anime titles look like this:

[release group] AnimeTitle.Season#Episode#.Etc.

Could Sonarr additionally look out for this and correct the title? The brackets at the beginning should make it something that could be spotted, I would think, but I’m not a coder so idk.

Thanks for considering.

Works fine as-is. Both Sonarr and Plex are able to parse these releases. (Exceptions are likely more due to the title used, and not the inclusion of the release group.)

If you don’t want it that way, Sonarr already supports what you are asking. Change your Anime Episode Naming format in Sonarr to something that is more universally Plex et al. friendly.

Oh interesting. I’ll have to look into what’s wrong on my end.

Additionally, if it’s alias/title matching issues you should be aware of the XEM and the role it serves regarding anime

If you’re having a particular issue, provide specifics and someone should be able to help figure it out.