Animebytes failing to pick up airing episodes?

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 11
Description of issue: When using in tandem with either Jackett or Prowlarr, no matter what I do, every time I try to download an anime off of Animebytes (most of the time, subsplease releases), they always seem to come up with some error like “Wrong Season” and say “Invalid Release” Even though most of these anime only have one season… Could someone possibly help me? It does this with every single-episode upload available on the website.

This is because animebytes does not follow any standard naming nor even use the same naming for the same show across seasons.

It cannot be automated. Find a different tracker.

We just had a big discussion in the #xem channel on discord about this

I don’t want to find another tracker I want to use the one I had to painstakingly get into.

That’s not possible.

Snippets from the convo and the link

^^ this, pretty much exactly… i don’t mind making things work when it’s reasonably straightforward but from all the results i’ve seen from AB (or the Jackett/Prowlarr implementation or wherever that data comes from) it’s a wildly different name from what any release group is using (which means it’s wildly different from every other supported indexer), and adding that amount of aliases just for one indexer is a lot of overhead and a lot of work for me/us for very little gain

if you want AB to be supported, reach out to them and get them to fix their site/api/whatever thats needed to make them on the same playing field as others

For your particular problem - you’ll need to come to discord to the #xem channel and ask for an alias…this is explained in the FAQ.
Note that since you’re using Animebytes it is possible your request will not be able to be added if it conflicts or causes problems with other release groups.

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