Anime with different series titles for different seasons

Many Animes use different series titles for different seasons, e.g., Minami-ke, season 1 is called Minami-ke, season 2 is called Minami-ke: Okawari, season 3 is called Minami-ke: Okaeri and season 4 is called Minami-ke: Tadaima.
Is it possible to name each file with their respective season titles instead of the general title?


    Season 01\
        Minami-ke - S01E01.mkv
    Season 02\
        Minami-ke Okawari - S02E01.mkv

instead of:

    Season 01\
        Minami-ke - S01E01.mkv
    Season 02\
        Minami-ke - S02E01.mkv

Not currently possible. I’ll give some more thought, but this is not likely to be supported, in adds a lot of complexity for a small subset of users that would actually use it.

There are also plenty of cases where there are multiple titles that are used, so we’d need to pick one and then make sure the same one is used the next time as well, adding the options to choose the title would add more complexity as well.

Maby just a question/suggestion if its possible

Instead of the show name the folder name? Ex: instead of Season 02\ it Would be Season 02: Okawari\ ?
Then let Sonarr grep the “Season 02” name or the prefix placed in the Sonarr setting but it doesn’t change the name like it does now?

Might be difficult with the sonarr setting that changes the season folder to ur own prefix

That’s not the best solution since there are Anime where the second season only has one extra punctuation mark, e.g.,

  • Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (season 1) and Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. (season 2, yes, the full stop is part of the title)
  • K-On! and K-On!!

Or Anime where they’ve added words to the title, e.g.,

  • Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (season 1)
  • Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 2 (season 2)
  • Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru (season 3)

These are just ones I can remember, I’m sure there are other examples where just adding to the season folder name wouldn’t work.

Maybe on the series page, add an option for each season to let the user type in their own title? If no user input, then use default.
This custom title would then be used in the renaming.

We’ve given this some thought and we’re not going to consider it at this time. This is something that would fit with Anidb support, so there is the possibility that we’ll support it to some extent.

If I use the current naming and folder structures, will Sonarr be able to rename and re-organise everything once Anidb is supported?

Likely not, it will be treated as a completely separate data provider, which treats every season as its own series.

I can’t say for certain that we won’t have a migration plan from one to the other, but its likely there won’t be one.

Im know this is old but I havent seen another thread about it. But any updates? Im having so many problems adding anime to Sonarr and the principal problem is what Koganei said. I’m using Rss feed for anime instead of Sonarr, but sonarr is much way better. Can update any progress with AniDB or Hummingbird?

Hello all

I hope there’s some update on this

I’ve recently tried to confirm some facts with some of the administrators at thetvdb they seem to be unwilling to change shows to reflect even the Official website data.
To make things worse they impose their own naming standard, this completely breaks the online media search because every other source is using the correct information.

The problem this causes for Sonarr’s indexers is that it collects shows from the Anime community in general.
Far as i can see generally the community uses the correct naming scheme when releasing new content, generally as close the creator’s information as possible. Great for accuracy bad for indexers search using a broken database.
Example below of a broken database that would break Sonarr functionalty to handle a show correctly.

As there’s always a divided opinions to some degree i think being able to choose a different information source is important. (being able to choose between theTVDB and anidb for tv shows is important maybe even add other sources)

I’d really like to see working databases for Anime fixed soon because at the moment because of the self made up rules of a database i can’t reliably use Sonarr for Anime and i want to because it’s an amazing program.

I know the kodi media center uses an anidb scraper so i figure that Sonarr must be able to support something like this.

Or perhaps the xem scraper they have

Example of a broken database
"Series name" - Season 1 - has 13 episodes
"New Series name" - Season 1 - has 13 episodes
season break
"New Series name" - Season 2 - has 13 episodes(assumed)
Problem is that theTVDB naming scheme is broken for anime can be illustrated with the following
Episode 1 of the “Series name” is listed as “Series name s01e01” absolute number is 01
Episode 1 of the “New Series name” is listed as “Series name s02e01” absolute number is 14
Episode 14 of the “New Series name” is listed as “Series name s02e14” absolute number is 27

I have checked the following
another Example
it provides a way to compare sources between different databases as you can see The tvtvdb lists the new Inuyasha Kanketsuhen show as the same series as the original and only as a new season when according to the owners of the content it clearly is not


theTVDB does what they like with anime naming and is not a reliable source of information for it. This breaks Sonarr’s media collection feature. Other more reliable sources are available and they have been implemented on kodi and should fix the problem.

As someone who uses Sonarr almost exclusively for anime I fail to really see an issue here. All episodes that belong to a certain story are neatly grouped, alternative season names are picked up from indexers perfectly and in the end even complex shows like Monogatari are watchable in order if you use your player correctly. In turn, doing anything about the naming of separate seasons (including weird naming differences that many files systems will not even allow…) will cause a lot of headaches, unpredictable behavior and just general quirkiness. IMO things are fine as they are and even AniDB support isn’t high on my personal wish list. I’d still keep using the TVDB way of grouping things since it’s better in my opinion, even if they do make weird choices sometimes.

alternative season names are picked up from indexers perfectly and in the end even complex shows like Monogatari are watchable in order if you use your player correctly

alternative season names are picked up from indexers perfectly and in the end even complex shows like Monogatari are watchable in order if you use your player naruto correctly