Anime searched only with absolute number


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 OS Build 17134.165
Debug logs:
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Description of issue:

Hi, I’m having some trouble getting Sonarr to work with some animes. The problem is that Sonarr uses only the absolute number for the episode. For example, when start a search for My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 1, which has an absolute number of 39, Sonarr asks only for “boku no hero academia s3 39”, “my hero academia s3 39” or sometimes with Season 3 but always with the absolute number 39.

I configure Sonarr to work with Jackett, that’s in Jackett logs that I can see Sonarr only asking for the season 3 episode 39. The thing is, I configured it for french release and with the required word “vostfr” (which means original version subtitle in french) and there is no release. If I do a manual search in Jackett with “boku no hero academia s3 1” I get a lot of potential download, so the only problem seems to be the epsiode numbering.

I looked everywhere for an answer but I didn’t find it.

Thank you for your help


There is a scene mapping for that series on, but it maps the episodes as you’re seeing them searched, reaching out to them on IRC would be the best bet.


The problem is not only for that serie unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem on others. When there is more than one season, Sonarr doesn’t find anything past the first one, as it looks for the absolute number.


I have the same issue. Did you find any fix ?

For example I have this issue with Attack On Titan Season 3.


Sorry, still no fix ! I have the issue on Attack On Titan Season 3 too. For now, and until maybe it get fix, I make a manual search on Jackett and download manually. Takes a lot more of time, but I don’t really have another choice.

For the record, I tried installing Jackett, Sonarr and Deluge on another PC, to see if maybe it was a problem on my actual setup, but the I got the same results so I still think there is a bug somewhere.


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