Anime / renaming?

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OS: Windows 10 Pro
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Description of issue: Hi, my anime is a mess in plex. My workflow is Sonarr —> Sabnzbd —> plex. Unless I painstakingly use FileBot, I wind up with a mishmash of absolute numbers and season numbers, due to release groups’ naming. And Plex finds none of the info for correct naming and descriptions.

What is the best settings to get Sonarr to try and do it? Things work so well for so long I don’t recall.

For Sonarr absolute episode numbers need to match TheTVDB’s absolute numbering (meaning they don’t reset for each season), that may not align with the metadata agent you’re using in Plex.

You’ll want renaming enabled in Sonarr, but otherwise you shouldn’t need to change much. Optionally you can use season/episode numbers instead of absolute episode numbers (or in addition to).

do I just check “rename episodes” and leave all the format fields at their defaults?

That should be sufficient, but you can tweak things to fit your preferred naming.

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Sorry one more thing. What is the best way to get Radarr to scan my existing anime library for renaming?

I assume you mean Sonarr? Same as any series, import it and Sonarr will scan the folder.

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