Anime Ordering for Rename

When setting the ordering of a series to anime ordering, could the rename function be set so that it renames in absolute ordering (anime ordering)? Currently when anime ordering is set, it retains the standard ordering when using the rename function.

Anime episodes have their own naming format, if the series type is set to anime and it has an absolute episode number it will be used.

I see the option in media management for absolute episode, but from what I understand there is no way to set all episodes to an absolute season (01)? Currently the episode renaming function will not allow for absolute season naming, it will still retain the original season number from standard series type, which Plex does not like when setting the series episode ordering to absolute.

I experimented and manually changed my episodes to absolute season (01), which was fine with Plex, but I noticed Sonarr couldn’t automatically pick up those episodes as owned unless the season number from standard order matched whatever the episode was in.

Could there be a way for Sonarr to pick up those episodes in absolute season order when using the Anime (absolute) series type? Or could this request potentially mess how things are cataloged/indexed?

Are you looking for absolute numbers that start at 0 for each season? If so, Sonarr doesn’t support that and at this time there are not plans to support it.

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