Anime Interactive Season Stuck in loop or hangs; Shows same release many times

Sonarr version:
Mono Ver:
Ubuntu 18.04

This issue only occur’s with anime releases

When I try to do an interactive season search for any anime, it takes a few minutes, or sometimes just infinitely hangs. When the releases did come up (and in the logs) it for some reason looked at the same release a bunch of times and got in a loop, and on the results page it listed the same result a bunch of times. Screencap of the results

It even got my pinged for API abuse on BTN off of 2 search’s

Edit: it seems to be search for each episode instead of S01 as well

Logs show this when using interactive search for an entire season of a Standard show; Quick and easy

20-4-8 02:16:17.9|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 4 indexers for [Property Brothers: Forever Home : S01]

Anime season searches have always searched for each episode individually because they aren’t usually in packs named with the season number. They are sometimes in matches, but ranges aren’t consistent between seasons.

At least one request per episode in the season per indexer will be made, which makes it slower than a season search in almost every instance.

Many sites, like animebytes allow ONLY entire seasons / season packs.Is there any way you can add an option to search for an entire season of anime? Maybe a toggle somewhere?

Many times when I search for a single episode it will give me entire season downloads too.

Also any idea why it was listing the same torrent over and over as per the screencap?

A few examples:
1, 2,3

Is there any way we could get an option to search anime by season (not every file individually)? Like a toggle? I’ll donate or contribute anyway I can.

It’s something we’ll have to look into, it may also need work on Jackett to tell Sonarr that it supports season packs for anime.

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