Anime episode past 100 parsing wrong episode

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OS: Debian Buster
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Description of issue:
Sonarr is parsing an anime episode of 125 => s1e25 when it should be s1e125. See here (also in pastebin):

[Debug] Parser: Parsing string 'Black Clover - 125 (1080p FUNI WEB-DL -KS-)' 

[Trace] Parser: ^(?<title>.+?)?(?:(?:[-_\W](?<![()\[!]))+(?<season>(?<!\d+)[1-9])(?<episode>[1-9][0-9]|[0][1-9])(?![a-z]|\d+))+ 

[Debug] Parser: Episode Parsed. Black Clover - S01E25  

Here’s an episode that parses correctly, even though they’re the same naming scheme.

[Debug] Parser: Parsing string '[Golumpa] Black Clover - 119 [FuniDub 720p x264 AAC] [34621C92].mkv' 

[Trace] Parser: ^\[(?<subgroup>.+?)\][-_. ]?(?<title>.+?)(?:[. ]-[. ](?<absoluteepisode>\d{2,3}(\.\d{1,2})?(?!\d+|[-])))+(?:[-_. ]+(?<special>special|ova|ovd))?.*?(?<hash>\[\w{8}\])?(?:$|\.mkv) 

[Debug] Parser: Episode Parsed. Black Clover - 119  


If I’m not mistaken: you have [something] in front of the second episode, triggering sonarr to use its anime regex, rather than standard episode regex for the first one.

Yeah, this is the reason. 125 is pretty ambiguous to Sonarr, before anime it was always S01E25, with anime it depends on whether there is a release group anchoring it. v3 makes some improvements, but it’s not going to be flawless.

Thanks for the quick reply and info @markus101 and @Thirrian. Is there any way I can customize the regex triggers? If not is there a commonly used workaround that others may use to fix the mislabeled episodes? Here’s the mislabeled episode inside the series:

So when sonarr stores this it also renames it wrong (s01e25) which is causing issues in plex. It’s also a non-tracked episode so thankfully it’s not overwriting anything.

You can’t customize the regex, you’ll want to either add a release group to the file or move it out of the series folder to another location on disk, then use Manual Import on Wanted: Missing to import it, then you can override the episode that Sonarr defaults to before importing.

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@markus101 thank you for always helping the sonarr community!