Anime didn't completely import

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04
Debug logs: full log

the only reference is:

2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Parsing string 'YuYu Hakusho'
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Unable to parse YuYu Hakusho
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Parsing string 'Yu.Yu.Hakusho Ep.057'
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Trace|Parser|^(?:\[(?<subgroup>.+?)\][-_. ]?)?(?<title>.+?)(?:[-_. ]+(?<absoluteepisode>(?<!\d+)\d{2,4}(\.\d{1,2})?(?!\d+|[ip])))+(?:_|-|\s|\.)*?(?<hash>\[.{8}\])?(?:$|\.)?
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Episode Parsed. Yu Yu Hakusho Ep - 057
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Language parsed: English
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|QualityParser|Trying to parse quality for Yu.Yu.Hakusho Ep.057
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Quality parsed: Unknown v1
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|Parser|Release Group parsed:
2023-01-24 20:18:18.7|Debug|TrackedDownloadService|Tracking 'qbit:YuYu Hakusho': ClientState=Completed (readonly) SonarrStage=Imported Episode='Yu Yu Hakusho Ep - 057 Unknown v1' OutputPath=/media/torrents/YuYu Hakusho.

Description of issue: Torrent downloaded, almost all episodes got imported nicely by Sonarr… except for the last 12.

I tried digging around logs, checking read/write permissions, changing torrent categories, renaming files, nothing works.

Any ideas on what can I try to import the rest?

If you’re just looking to get them imported (and not address the underlying cause) then go to Wanted > Manual Import in Sonarr. Browse to the download folder where they are currently and choose Interactive Import. You can then manually specify the series, season etc.

thanks for that tip, but yeah, would be nice to understand what happened here that the rest of the episodes didn’t get imported


Curious, it claims to not recognize the series, even for files it already imported! (95-100 are S04E01~E06, shown on the OP)

Likely just needs a XEM mapping per Especially since it looks like the filenames are using absolute numbering and not S##E## format.

yeah, YYH is not listed on XEM (but it is on TheTVDB). XEM sign up is closed, I’ll try to talk to someone on their IRC later. Thanks for the link!

It’s still weird, though, that it loaded all episodes correctly up until 100th, ignoring the final 12 only…

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