Always get `Wrong season`

Package Version: by
.NET: Yes (6.0.13)
Docker: Yes
Database: Sqlite 3.41.2

I switch to v4 to use the custom formats function, but I find that all the releases in the interactive search results are rejected by the same common reason: Wrong season. (see fig1 and 2)

But as you can see in fig3, the second release have TheTVDB code, and It should not be the wrong season.
Also see fig4, the title can pass the parsing test and can match to the right series,season and episdes.

So why do i always get the Wrong season error?





Mono Version

using the same indexer, v3 accept the release

solved. Because I use different series type in v3 and v4.
For this series, I should use Anime instead of standard

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