Alternative to uTorrent?


Hi all!

I’ve been using Sonarr with uTorrent on two Windows 10 for a while now, but uTorrent has been giving me a headache where it eventually crashes and then Sonarr can’t work. Also, I’ve noticed that when I boot the servers, Sonarr comes up and says uTorrent cannot be reachable, but if I test uTorrent the test is successful and the issue is cleared, probably a matter of what comes up first on boot.

The uTorrent crash feels like a memory leak of some sort. It istarted a while ago on the primary server I have, and I just built a second one from scratch,brand new Windows 10 install, uTorrent was the second software I’ve installed in it and still it crashes out eventually.

Lookgin for suggestion on torrent clients for Windows that can be realiable and work nice with Sonarr. I remember giving Deluge a try but it would eventually crash too. Transmission, on the other side, has been giving me issues with private trackers using HTTPS, whenever I open a torrent file from a private tracker, I have to manually edit the tracker address and change it to HTTP for it to work. I even posted this on Transmission forums but had no feedback.

Thank you for your time!


When I use utorrent with sonarr, First I connect it with a VPN for Windows and then access utorrent site. It works absolutely fine.


I find Qbittorrent works fine for me.