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Not an issue persay - Just wondering if there’s a way to control what Sonarr searches for when it looks for a show. For example, there’s an anime released thats now in its second season, and the second season has a ‘sub name to it’, as follows
Season 1: Basilisk
Season 2: Basilisk - The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Sonarr is able to find the season 2 episodes by the japanese name, but it can’t match the season 2 with the english name. Is there a way for me to add this name into Sonarr, so it’ll know that that name applies to that show? There are a few other shows with similar issues.


This is covered in the FAQ.


So there’s no way to just… Add it directly to my Sonarr myself, it has to rely on a third party?

Not just a third party website - But one with closed registrations, so a user like me can’t even get an account to make the neccessary changes, which still have to go through an approval process?


That is the only option for anime, in most cases it’s handled without any intervention, at least for popular shows.

Talk to them on IRC, they locked registrations due to people filling in garbage which resulted in the admins having to sift through it all the time.


Would it be possible to get the option of setting it manually in the client itself? I know other similar programs have the ability to, just not sure how hard it would be to implement.


We don’t have plans for allowing them to be set locally, but do have plans to add the process of requesting them within Sonarr, though anime due to the resetting of absolute episode numbers in different seasons (along with the title changes), will still be done via as one without the other won’t work.


Hm. That might have just killed Sonarr for me then. Love the UI of it, and love that it doesn’t have to scan my drive for new downloads to import… But, need to be able to add alternate series names in easily. As I said, seems like a bit of an oversight to not allow this to be set on an individual client basis.

Ah well. Thanks anyways.

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