Allow Sonarr to scan multiple paths for episodes that already exist/have been downloaded


I have a scenario where I added a new hard drive the other day since running out of space on the old drive. I went into sonarr and added a new path and gave it the path to my tv folder on the new drive. Sonarr seems to keep a track of any paths added in the system section.


However when you give a series a path to download to, it also seems to only check for downloaded/existing episodes using that path provided. Can sonarr not be given the capability to scan all the path locations you have added?

So say for example you had this hard drive structure for tv shows:

HDD 1:
- Tv Show Example Series (2020)
- Season 1
- episode 1

HDD 2:
- Tv Show Example Series (2020)
- Season 1
- episode 2
- episode 3
- episode 4

So in this case there are a total of 4 episodes for the show and 1 episode resides on an older hard drive (HDD 1). Can sonarr not just check both drives for episodes that exist, so it would show as 4 episodes already downloaded?

But obviously the path given for this series to download new content to would be aimed at the new drive (HDD 2). But just the scanning for episodes section can search through multiple locations.

I’m only asking, because without the multiple location searching, it will forget everything you have already downloaded/grabbed. Meaning it will start to re download previously grabbed content, and just throw it onto the new drive, which means you have 2 versions of most things. Unless you go through the whole list of tv shows and change each one to say unmonitor this season and this season, maybe you are half way through a season and already have a couple of episodes, so you would need to unmonitor those first few. As they were already previously downloaded on another drive.

I know people usually just pool drives together to have one folder location, but I am not a fan of this approach for my use case and setup. So i feel like just allowing for multiple location episode scanning would be amazing. I also don’t want to just have the answer of move the entire show over to the new drive, because all that’s doing is emptying up my old drive and filling up the new drive faster. It would also be a headache, because i usually know where everything sits and newer content usually goes onto the newer drives. So if an older drive died, I’ve only lost older content/data and not the latest stuff.

If this already exists in sonarr v2 and v3 then I do apologise. Also, if anyone knows how to do what I am talking about with the current sonarr version, please do let me know.

it doesnt. as you mentioned you have to put the entire series on one root folder which you would prefer not to do

there isnt. sonarr only scans a single root folder per series, it wont scan all the root folders to check for scattered files

Damn it, I really wish it had the ability to scan multiple folders for series. It would be amazing if it could.

Have to ask if you have enough shows to have to actually span multiple drives why wouldn’t you move certain shows in their entirety to the second drive freeing up space on the old drive to add new season folders and episodes to the shows remaining on the old drive.?

Or you could just create links from the episodes on the new drive in the appropriate season folder for the series on the old drive. Then sonar should treat those links as if they were the actual files.

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