Allow for moving downloads without removing them from download client


I have a seedbox and a local machine with the sonarr installation, and I sync between the two using an lftp script, Completed Download Handling and remote path mappings. This means that when the file reaches my local machine, it’s not being watched at all by my download client – it’s still seeding a copy of the file in its own directory. Thus, the local file can be moved at will without any consequence to the Download Client.

Because of this, what I’d love sonarr to do is to simply move the file to its destination, rather than using copy or a hard link. Currently the only way it’ll actually “move” the file is if I delete it from the Download Client, which isn’t advisable because I’d like to continue seeding. Add this with the fact that my file system doesn’t support hard linking and the only option I’m left with is copying the file, which takes a long time and eats up valuable HDD space. Obviously this isn’t ideal.

So, is this a feature you could add? I doubt this would be a complex addition.



Exposing a “Force Move” advanced option would help many torrent users who do their own post-download processing and know they’ve done the initial copy themselves.

It’d be even better for users using cloud-based storage, where moves are inexpensive but copies cause a full download and re-upload of each imported file. The only automated alternative for these users is to run a seperate job that waits/polls until the files appear locally and issues DownloadedEpisodeScan API calls to move with the right torrent hash and folder paths.


Looks like this is already a feature request but within the bigger scope of “transfer providers” for each download client:

And in a seperate issue, where the move destination is also sent back to the download client so continues seeding from the new location (IMO this is what hardlinks are for…)


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