Age old x265/quality preferance issue, have I fixed it?

Hi Guys,

For anyone that has preferences for x265 content will know the pains of making this work in Sonarr. For other people, release groups not specifying quality (webrip, etc.), sonarr by default marks them as HDTV. If you rely on scoring to prefer x265, anything released correctly named as web with codec x254 will be upgraded over any x265 files.

I need a sanity check on my configuration that I believe has resolved this.

I have simply bundled all WEBDL, WEBRip and HDTV together:


This appears to have made them all equal, and it now does not upgrade over HDTV despite the codec. My next thought is it create scoring to reintroduce quality by reducing the score of anything specifically named HDTV.


should be fine, its how i’ve had mine after quality groupings were added

its a good idea if you want a more fine grained control over the qualities inside the groups, and it will allow it to upgrade from a HDTV to any other quality inside a quality group later on, which it wouldnt normally do (if thats what you wanted to happen)

plus it will probably work better now that it also uses the filename as well as the original for scoring