Age field as a restriction?


Is there any way to use the age field of a nzb as an indexer restriction? I am downloading some older stuff and many of the items returned on search are no longer complete except those of a certain age.



For example, I want only nzbs for a given show that are 123 days old…


Exactly 123 days?

123 days old today, but tomorrow it’ll be 124 days old and so on. Sonarr does not have a way to restrict downloads to only those from a certain day (and not something that would be implemented).

Manual Search is probably your best bet.


Precisely! I understand it’s a very specialized request. There is are old seasons of The Big Bang Theory that have been uploaded many times but only one seems to be intact for all episodes. I was hoping there might be a way to use a regex to pull all those episodes from that particular upload without Sonarr and SAB having to try seven or eight times per episode to find the good one.

I have been using Manual Search as a workaround.



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