After almost nine years

…of ‘silent noises’, im not awaiting any change on this.

Just wondering, whats behind the huge amount of Language Profile settings?
The closed *rr family only seems to exist from the outside… best example is this case of handling Metadata, the differences are lightyears, at least 0/1.

I come frequently to this point, when some language issues breaks the *arr workflow.
Pointed out the lack of a possible solution or workaround, name it MVP

As user, after i manually matched a title, that sonarr couldnt get,
i want that sonarr can remember this match, as we all know, 1 Episode Series are rare.
Then Sonarr can do for what it created for, not breaking the workflow match it manual. Great.

Thanks for entertainment
PS Imagine nine years of no ability of sponsoring features
7 Billion non EN speakers could made happy - or the other way around? :slight_smile:

on some unbelievable unlogical reason,
sonarr can’t match new shows even … here is a example,
may some code contributor think about … what? and
may some user think about… what.t.f?

new arrived: percy.jackson.die.serie.S01E01…
Title in Sonarr: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

So after nine years, almost… really sure that belongs to a code language problem? Or may it a problem with foreign languages?

Fun Fact: Searching inside Sonarr, using the Searchfield in the TopBar,
can find and match, what the core-system, the core-feature can NOT.
So, already made… but wrong placed or again… really sure that this is a Coding problem?

German and Spanish titles were submitted 2 days ago.

Thanks for that.

As mentioned, avoiding unusual workflows … an easy, intuitive, i like to say standard way of solution is already available… unfortunately, unused for mapping activity/queue.

Going to adapt the search feature (from the top bar),
making avaiable for automatic/manual mapping…
Who will say, that this is not a 10 out of 10 valueable points.

could someone confirm if sonarrs automatic searches are based on matching against the name any more or not?

i thought it had shifted to requiring the appropriate tmdb/imdb tag at the indexer level - so its up to them to tag the files properly - for sonarr to automatically find them in the rss feeds.

or is there fallback code for matching untagged files against the series name(s) as well?

note - i did read the wiki but it seems more focused around what happens after a file has been matched to a series - ie all the decisionmaker stuff to match against all the other options the user has set - and not how that series matching part happens.

Searching prefers ID searches (only falling back if it gets 0 results).

Title is preferred when matching files from the indexer, but will fall back to ID matching during search. Importing requires title matching, which both our own aliases and TheXEM are used for.

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