Adding a series weirdly fails on mobile, works on desktop?

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

version: running in a docker container from linuxserver iirc

This has been driving me nuts, because I just migrated my sonarr from windows to a rpi 4.
So everything appeared to be working, and I settled in and just started enjoying the sonarr goodness, and next thing you know I’m trying to add a series, and, it fails. OK, tvdb or tmdb or whoever is having troubles around that time, I write it off. Then, last night and this morning I try to add a different series, it fails from my phone, several times. Like a good problem reporter, I log into sonarr on my desktop, clear the logs, and add the series so I can get a good copy of any error messages. Except, it works.

Wtf? Is it just my bad luck that this has happened a couple of times where I move to desktop and it work, or is this a time based thing, where a certain percentage of requests don’t work?

The behaviour that I’ve observed on mobile is, I press “add series” and it just spins for a while, and comes back and nothing has happened. But then if I’m paying attention it seems like sonarr probably crashes at the server and restarts - but this is just my supposition. All I can say is, it seems like the UI loses connection and I have to reload. Sorry, clearing my logs today turned out to have been a real pain.

Anyways, it’s Christmas and I’d like this stuff to work rather than dorking with it, so if anybody can shortcut me to a solve that would be fantastic. thanks!

EDIT: Ok, I just noticed another issue that seems to happen on mobile but not on desktop. I was trying to delete a season of files last night from my phone, and it would just … not do it. This morning just now I tried from my desktop, deletes no problem. Now that I’m thinking about it, this has also happened before. It seems like I have a problem with the mobile interface?

Which browser/device are you using?

I add most shows from my phone (Chrome on iOS) and beyond some bugs (ones that broke the UI) I haven’t had the issues you’re describing.

The last mobile issue I recall fixing was related to modals not scrolling on iOS in Safari, but that was several months ago.

I’m using chrome on Android. The next time I can reproduce and can be at my desktop at the same time I’ll grab a log and test other mobile browsers and try to confirm it’s a mobile issue for me and not just weird timing.

Sorry markus. After I saw your response, I tried a full court press, and found that even a debug log showed nothing. At that point, I tried some different browsers, and I realized I had some port forwarding and dns masquing going on that - very weirdly - allowed access but broke some functions (!!!). As far as I can see it was a leftover from the old server, and shouldn’t have worked at all. Anyways, I’m good, sorry to bother you with a false report!

It’s always DNS… super strange, glad you figured it out though!

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