Adding a literal curly brace in Episode Naming

I have searched google and the forums here. I’m sure there’s an escape character, but I can’t find what it is. I have a plex library. The Plex support article here says I should include the tvdb in curly braces formatted like this:


Specifically, it says " * If you are using the “Plex TV Series” agent, you can optionally include the TMDB or TVDB show ID in the folder name to improve matching. If you choose to do that, it must be inside curly braces: ShowName (2020) {tvdb-123456} or ShowName (2020) {tmdb-123456} where 123456 is the show ID. An example can be found at the end of the article."

Problem is I can’t include literal curly braces. For this example, I’ll use Sonarr > Settings > Media Management > Episode Naming > Standard Episode Format

Right now in that field I have:
S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} - ({Series Year}) - {tvdb-{TvdbId}’}

Which results in:
Single Episode: S01E01 - Episode Title (1) - (2010) - {tvdb-12345’}
Multi Episode: S01E01-02-03 - Episode Title - (2010) - {tvdb-12345’}

I obviously do not want the ’ in the filename, but if I use
S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} - ({Series Year}) - {tvdb-{TvdbId}}

It results in
Single Episode: S01E01 - Episode Title (1) - (2010)
Multi Episode: S01E01-02-03 - Episode Title - (2010)

(the tvdb info disappears completely). How do I add literal curly braces to satisfy the Plex naming convention? Right now, I’m just organizing in Sonarr, the using the bulk rename utility to remove the ’ from the filename. I feel like I’m not the first person to have this problem, but I can’t find evidence of it anywhere. Can anyone tell me what I should use?

While not addressing your actual question about {}, just want to point out that the referenced Plex article states that the ID should be in the show folder name, not each episode file name.

Good catch. Literals work in that folder field. So I guess… what if I WANTED the braces in the filename? :slight_smile:

You need to use double braces, {{tvdb-{TvdbId}}} will do it.

I played around with everything BUT that apparently. Thanks!

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