Add "Unknown" for Source type instead of HDTV when filename omits the source

I do a lot of manual downloading and so I know for a fact that a lot of rippers are actually not including Source in their filename. Sonarr by default assumes HDTV if this is the case. The problem with this is that for those of us setting Upgrade Cutoff to Web720 or Web1080 and Monitored status (intentionally or not knowing what we are doing) , the files that have “HDTV” source get upgraded. I feel as though HDTV and Unknown should have different behavior. After having just downloaded 10TB of files in a month I found a great deal of files are in fact Web rips but get tagged as HDTV by Sonarr. So it gets kind of annoying when you see something get upgraded to same or worse quality simply because the filename didnt have the source in it.

I would propose allowing “Unknown” category for Source (instead of HDTV default) and require users to Manually set some value or flag if they want Unknown source to be upgraded. As far as file rename if you want to use Sonarr for naming then it would simply omit the Source – so instead of [1080p-x265] it would simply say [x265] and omit source from filenaming.

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