Add PVR support


I recently started using NextPVR to record most of my shows and I then have MCEBuddy processing the .ts files into .mkv files.

I REALLY LOVE Sonarr and how it monitors a series and its upcoming episodes but there are a few drawbacks.

  1. I am using the Dronefactory folder for the MCEBuddy converted files because I love how Sonarr renames and then moves my downloads and I wanted the same functionality with the converted files.

**Yes, my Usenet downloads are still being handled by the api, just not the MCEBuddy processed files.

Is there a way to ignore the Dronefactory warning?

  1. I love seeing my shows in the calendar monthly view but now that I am recording some of the shows rather than downloading them, I don’t get to see them in the calendar.

Could you add a way to monitor a series but not download the episodes? e.g. Split the Monitor button into two functions, please?

Thanks for your time!


There is not, using the API to tell Sonarr to import is a better option.

That is the entire purpose of the monitor flag. You can view unmonitored episodes on the calendar though.


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