Add Preferred file size in Quality Definitions

In Radarr there are Max, Min and Preferred quality settings. In sonarr there are only max and min. Please add preferred. This will allow users to prefer small files, but allow large files when they are not available.


Joined just to comment, I also really want this. Exactly this feature, Radarr has it, can’t be that hard to add. People do not label releases correctly, I see WEB-Rips that are half the size of the HDTV released. I would prefer size and resolution to be able to be weighted averages.

+1 Would really like the Radarrr preferred quality feature.
I would rather have a too small or too big file if nothing else is available, but if a file in the sweet spot quality/file size shows up I want to upgrade/downgrade to that.

I’d rather have a 12gb 1hr episode rather than no episode, but long-term I would like that to be around 5-6gb whenever that is available. So it sucks to set the max size to 6gb, cause I might not end up getting anything, and if I set max to 12gb there is a bigger chance that I get something, but it’s too big for everything to be at that size…

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Exactly! We have to switch between “find the best version according to my needs” and “just find me something” settings.

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