Add new series does not include specials?


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Currently when you select download future episodes (or current season), I would EXPECT sonarr to ALSO enable ‘specials’ to be flagged as well, but currently, this is NOT the case. I have to manually add this. I can see that current season might be difficult to program as it would need to be based on the date lookup based on the current season, but should be possible.

The summary is that in any case, why wouldn’t everyone want specials to be included whenever adding a new series? Perhaps add a new checkbox “include specials” that marks specials season with appropriate logic based on the monitor selection? the most difficult part is latest season/first season you will need to pull the date of the first/last season to determine which ones to flag to grab.
I would be happy if you could at LEAST add the ability to grab future only if that is all you can do at first.

…or is it already there and I am missing something? thanks!


Am I missing something? I am surprised to not have any replies?


do these not get replies normally?


As a user: there’s maybe 1% of shows where I actually want the specials, when they are actual episodes. I can’t even think of an example at the moment.

The remaining 99% is random crap like “useless talking heads discussing what may happen in the new season” or “one hour recap for people that can’t remember what happened last season” or “let’s interview the makers but they can’t actually say anything about the new season”.
A hard pass on those for me…


Posting a request isn’t guaranteed to get a response.

At this time we have no plans to include specials or add a separate checkbox to opt into them in the initial monitoring options.


Discovery channel and all the related channels, they frequently have a mini-series off-shoot of a show that is last-minute decision to air that is related to the show that airs instead of the show during the same timeslot. Initially, they are released as “specials” for the show, but because of clarity, and apps like Sonarr, they get re-released as stand alone mini-series 3-6 months later. During this window, recording stops, and when the show returns, the show continues BASED on the series you would have missed. So for all these shows, having specials turned on is critical, and frankly a major pain point that I deal with all the time. I have to bypass sonarr for all these shows throughout the year because the community doesn’t know how to handle these mini series that are AIRED during the slot of the main show, but are really different shows… Like Gold rush- Parker’s trail - it is still Gold rush, but an off-shoot mini story line that are same cast, crew etc. Ultimately, other DVR systems WOULD record these on the DVR. This system fails to capture them. Even with Specials enabled, it is a PITA, and I wish there was a better solution. This request was part 1 of my attempt to ask how to address this.

example shows that I watch, surely there are others:
“Fast n Loud:” episodes Mega race 1 & 2 (it was about 10 episodes in total) (It existed as specials for 1 year, the second for 4 months, today it was moved)
“Street Outlaws:” episodes around the Mega Race ( over 1.5 years)
“Street outlaws: no prep kings”
America’s next top model : after the runway (these are what happens to each contestant after the show airs)
Bar Rescue - Back to the Bar series is listed as specials and are critical parts of the show
Deadliest Catch - {legends of, inside the catch) For some reason, s14e13 can’t be found, a manual search shows it under s14e00 , these sometimes show under s00 e xx so you get my frustration…
Gold Rush - (like parker’s trail)
Tanked (also Tanked Madness , and Tanked unfiltered
Street Outlaws
which also gets filled with downloads from this NEW show:
Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings - incorrectly!

so you see my frustration? and this is not exactly just one show I am talking about…

as I add more discovery, the learning channel, animal planet are the channels that have these types of shows, so these are the channels that will have this problem:
Discovery Channel 1985 95 million Flagship network
Food Network 1993 95 million Acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018. Joint venture ownership with Tribune Media
HGTV 1994 94 million Acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018.
TLC 1972 93 million Acquired by Discovery Communications in May 1991, previously known as The Learning Channel.
Animal Planet 1996 92 million
Travel Channel 1987 89 million Re-acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018.
Investigation Discovery 1996 85 million Formerly Discovery Times, Discovery Civilization
Oprah Winfrey Network 2011 79 million Joint venture ownership with Harpo Productions, which holds a minority stake after Discovery acquired a controlling stake from Oprah Winfrey
Science 1996 72 million Formerly Discovery Science; Science Channel
Discovery Family 1996 67 million Initially launched as Discovery Kids in 1996, relaunched as The Hub in 2010, renamed Hub Network on 2013 and rebranded as Discovery Family in 2014.[67]
40% of the network is owned by Hasbro.
Velocity 2002 66 million Formerly Discovery HD Theater and HD Theater
Cooking Channel 2010 65 million Formerly Fine Living. Acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018.
DIY Network 1999 61 million Acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018.
Great American Country 1995 58 million Acquired in Scripps merger in March 2018.
American Heroes Channel 1998 58 million Formerly Discovery Wings, Military Channel
Destination America 1996 56 million Formerly Discovery Home and Leisure (1998–2004), Discovery Home (2004–08), and Planet Green (2008–12)
Discovery Life 2011 47 million Merger of Discovery Health Channel and FitTV, previously known as Discovery Fit & Health
Discovery en Español 1998 6 million Spanish-language version of the Discovery Channel
Discovery Familia 2007 6 million


so again, I am the only person who wants to watch any shows produced by discovery networks? I am shocked…

Oh well, I put a lot of time and thought into this… it is here if anyone cares.



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