Add ability to disable auto-sorting

I would like to see an option to disable auto-sorting and filing of downloaded episodes. I download everything to one folder no matter what is being downloaded or what is being used to download the item. From there I check the files integrity, then either just file it away, install it, watch it, or read it. I personally would rather have files found by Sonarr passed to my download client and ONLY monitored for completion of said file by the download client, then preform no other operations for that file other than marking it completed.

This is already possible by disabling Completed Download Handling, with the caveat that Sonarr will treat anything not imported to the series folder (either by itself or something else) as missing.

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So it would simply add it to my diownloader, and do nothing with it after that including trying to redownload the item?

As long Sonarr has the grab in it’s history it will use that to prevent re-grabbing it.

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Thanks very much appreciated.

Ok looks like I’ve run into the issue about items not imported to the series folder. The last two shows downloaded were redownloaded even though the 720p and 400 meg max limit were both met. I know it’s probably some little setting I’m missing but some help sorting what I’m doing wrong would be appreciated. Thanks

You’d have to look at debug logs to see why those releases were accepted/not rejected.

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