Add a field in the tag list for “Where I watch” (i.e. viewing venue) that is user-selectable


I like everything about Sonarr except that I can’t tell by looking at the Series where I watch a given listing. With multiple subscription services and a media server (Emby), where I watch a show is becoming more ambiguous. Sonarr correctly lists “Dexter” as Showtime, however I watch it now on Netflix. That’s why I think we need this tag.

As another more detailed example, The Walking Dead airs on AMC but I don’t watch it there – I watch it on Emby. It would be nice to have this indicator in the taglist (see example below in Orange):

Of course the Default would always be the original source, but a selection list might look like:
• Original air source (Default)
• Kodi
• Emby
• Netflix
• Amazon
• Hulu
• Vudu
• Etc.

Perhaps a user-constructed list much like the profile selection list. Nothing else need change (i.e. Calendar) however the tag should also be carried through in the summaries:


Thanks for considering this!

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