Activity queue list keeps displaying movies

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Mac OS Monterey 12.4
Debug logs:

Description of issue: TL;DR Sonarr should only list TV Shows, but it is detecting and getting confused by movie downloads that appear in the Queue as errors.

When I click on Activity and view the Queue list, it’s almost always full of several errors. All of the “Series” are actually movies that Radarr has recently grabbed (good job Radarr). When I click the little user icon next to the “x” to see what actions I can take, it just says

No video files were found in the selected folder

So my next action is to remove the file (which cannot be found anyway) in order to clear out the Queue list of the errors.

This isn’t actually prohibiting Sonarr from working properly. It still finds and grabs the things I want, but I do like to check the queue for any errors to make sure I resolve them. So it’s strange that it keeps picking up movies instead of shows. For context, I’ve had both Sonarr and Radarr running together for a few years and this only recently (~few months) started happening. I haven’t changed any file paths or drives.

It’s not confused, you’ve told sonarr and radarr to not use a category and thus they see everything in the client. It’s working exactly as you’ve configured it to. Helptext notes its recommend to use a category to avoid exactly that.

It’s ALWAYS been like this, just hidden as the show unknown items only was defaulted to on this year.

Thanks! This definitely resolves my issue. I’ve noticed it for a long time but only got around to asking about it. So the default state for this option was changed? That’s uh… not great :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend updating the label for their view option from “Show Unknown Series Items” which sounds like it would be useful it Sonarr grabs a show that doesn’t line up exactly with what I have monitored.

It sounds like you have a more accurate description, which would be something like “Show all activity” or perhaps “Include non-Sonarr activity.”

Just in case any Sonarr contributors happen to see this, it might help the UX. Of course, doing a 180 change on user defaults without an obvious indicator in the UI is a bad idea but updating button labels feels more like constructive criticism.

Show unknown items is accurate. It shows all items in queue that cannot be matched to a known series - episode

The issue has always existed, but due to support issues and users claiming releases were disappearing - the default was changed to on.

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