Accept Multi language as long as English is one of them

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Red Hat 9
Description of issue: how do languages work now

I see the documentation about how to setup a language in the Trash wiki, but I am not sure how I would set one up that requires English, but is will use Multi Language as long as English is one of the languages.

Any help would be appreciated.

wouldnt it just be custom format for language = english, and in the profile score it as 1, and require a minimum of 1

if english is the only language, or one of them, it will get a score of 1 for that part

you could probably also negate it, score it as -10000, and have a minimum of 0

it really depends on your other custom formats and how you score those to work out the best way

you can test the formats so all you have to do is work out a valid multi-language filename with and without english in there somewhere and test it against your formats

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