Absolute scene number anime not working correctly?


Im running last sonarr v3 on docker , here is a picture of the problem :

The absolute number is well detected (here 48) but in scene information it showing incorrect and in search too


I see that too, and I think that manual search don’t use absolute numbers either


It’s correct based on the episode on thexem.de, if the mapping is wrong they’ll need to fix it.

They do for anime series (all searches do).


I am missing something, how could be correct?

24 (48) ===> Episode 24, Absolute 48

But Scene Information say Episode 24, Absolute 24


Because releases for “season 3” have a different title and restart the absolute episode numbering, same as season 2 did.



I see, but it’s a bit confusing.

If I say “Season 3” then I am referencing “Tokyo Ghoul” like a whole and it’s absolute 48 (Tokyo ghoul Re don’t have season 3)

If I say “Tokyo Ghoul Re” then yes, it’s absolute 24 but not “Season 3”.

How complicated is anime some times :smiley: :smiley:


FWIW, this hasn’t changed at all in v3, Sonarr displayed this exact same information in v2.

Seasons are a TheTVDB thing, since it’s the same series it’s a new season within in, but Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is always Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 1.


Sorry then, I don’t notice this until v3


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