Ability to prioritirize preferred value over quality


Started using Sonarr reccently, but one thing that i think it really miss, is an ability to ensure that the value set in profile can also priority over release quality. - especially usefull when you want releases with subs

ill try to explain:
for a new serie,

  1. A 720p gets released, extra profile value 0 - Sonarr downloads it, as its not there.
  2. A 720p with subs get released, Sonar downloads it course profile indicates that value on “subs” is +1000 therefore better then previous.
  3. A 1080p eng gets released, extra profile value 0 - sonarr downloads this, and therefore deletes the subbed version

In step 3 it would be awesome if it allows for the quality to be lower due to the custom value of 1000 is higher then the new 1080p versions value, and that it would only change if a 1080p with subs came (that would also be +1000)

i would assume, that almost all users that grabs releases in their local sub language, would perfer a 720p with subs then a 1080p without subs ?

so basically, grab a release if availaible, stop at the highest release containing the custom keywords/values.

today i can make a nordic profile, but then i dont get the first english release.

if it makes sense
for showing it

example for will and grace, here the nordic version has +2000, but the 1080p release will get downloaded.

You can do that if you group qualities together in your Quality Profile.
That would mean any release in your wanted qualities is treated as equal, and then the preferred words scores in your Release Profile add to that.

(I think within a group of qualities, you can still rank them so a 1080p release with no preferred words is considered better than a 720p release with no preferred words)

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thanks a lot, it seemed to do the trick !!
in my profile all are now “equal” however i have in my profile added 1080p = 50 value, 720 25 etc etc, so subs will add 1000.

and therefore works correct now :slight_smile:
not sure if it’s the most beautiful solution tho, but it works !

i just tried it out, one thing tho, since they are all equal now, and after the episodes are renamed to standard format after downloading.
It shows when manually checking what it would grab: the same release as just downloaded, where normally it would mention “Existing file on disk is of equal or higher preference” - so hopefully it would not keep grabbing the same file over and over again

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