Ability to override XEM mappings on downloads via interactive search

I expect this is a real bugbear for a few people as well as myself. If I do an interactive search for a specific episode in American Dad which in my case is searching an NZB feed I get results that I know match the episode because of their naming for example "American.Dad.S19E06.American.Dad.Graffito.EAC3.5.1.1080p.WEBRip.x265-SiQ. I can see this is the correct episode but because of XEM mappings it will get assigned to S20 E06 which I know is of course wrong in the case of this file. I know that there are others which will be named according to scene which I know is S18 E06. The problem is I want to be able to easily and specifically choose my own download to import. I know there are long winded ways around this but they involve a lot of work when you are talking about a 20 season show. Surely a manual override isn’t a bad idea and would make this process very easy and allow auto download to continue as normal. A dream would be being able to control the mappings somehow ourselves with overrides for particular shows or seasons etc.

This already exists in the v4 beta.

Ah that’s interesting. Sounds great. I’ll see if I can get that version working in my docker container.

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