Ability to Force Rename File and/or Folder

I’d like the ability to force rename a tv show and/or episode to the way I would like it

  1. Lets say I would like the removal of all (or most/certain) special characters from the file and/or folder (except for " - " [space dash space] thats goes between the show title and the episode title and if the Show title needs a year with it to be the right one (ie… The difference between [The Flash and The Flash (2014)].

  2. Ability to set the case for the file like so (ALL UPPERCASE, all lowercase, First Letter Of Each Word, ect…)

media management settings do this. the clean variant of the title tag is probably what you want and i think theres a TitlteYear tag as well

there should be help options on that page, and the results are displayed as well

change the case of the tag to match what you want (works on all tags as far as im aware), eg;