Ability to Force Rename File and/or Folder

I’d like the ability to force rename a tv show and/or episode to the way I would like it

  1. Lets say I would like the removal of all (or most/certain) special characters from the file and/or folder (except for " - " [space dash space] thats goes between the show title and the episode title and if the Show title needs a year with it to be the right one (ie… The difference between [The Flash and The Flash (2014)].

  2. Ability to set the case for the file like so (ALL UPPERCASE, all lowercase, First Letter Of Each Word, ect…)

media management settings do this. the clean variant of the title tag is probably what you want and i think theres a TitlteYear tag as well

there should be help options on that page, and the results are displayed as well

change the case of the tag to match what you want (works on all tags as far as im aware), eg;

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did look and notice all that. And all of those “tags” are wonderful just wish there were a few more for Titles like (mostly anime) “One-Punch Man (2015)” where you can get a {Series CleanTitle} but do sometime more like {Series CleanTitle TitleYear} where it will give you “One Punch Man (2015)” instead of “One Punch Man 2015”

Is there a way that this can be done?

i’ve asked before for a {year} or {series-year} tag but the devs dont seem to want to break it down (so we could mix and match) and seem to prefer more complex and fixed tags instead

in the end i just dont bother too much about it any more

While idk if it’s just me but the “Clean” version of the tags dont clean for Sh*t. I still get titles that contain special characters (even in the preview of what it should look like) so if they can at least get that fixed it would be something.

I’m using version

Yeah I tagged both of you so you can hopefully actually reply to this thread as a whole.

It’s impossible to show examples for everything that is cleaned up.

I get you want an answer, but you don’t need to tag us.

Yeah I know that I didn’t have to tag you (and I should have searched for that other issue) but this is also about the feature request of allowing more “{tags}” as well so we can get the file name to be renamed exactly as we would like it. Granted having this ability first will eventually lead to wanting to have each series renamed how we would like instead of as a whole (ie just a little more customization ability)

EDIT: Ok I just looked at the issue linked above and it looks like there’s been no traction on it since 2017.

We don’t really have plans to support every combination of title options under the sun. To support a standalone year token we’d end up needing at least 3 other formats to exclude the year if it’s part of the series title already.

Well I understand you dont want to support every combination under the sun but atleast having a stand-alone year would help tremendously for when you actually get the “CleanTitle” to actually work properly and having a stand-alone year tag might actually help with getting the “CleanTitle” to work properly.

Anyways with that said are you guys trying to get the tag to work properly? or are you just gonna leave them how they are?

Standalone year would duplicate the year if it’s part of the actual title, not a scenario we want to introduce.

Eventually yes, but it’s obviously not of utmost priority for us.

true but the devs shouldnt really need to add code to strip the year out as there are non year variants already that the user could change their format to.

eg using say a title tag with the year in it and the standalone year tag as well isnt exactly something the user can complain isnt working. if they dont want the year to appear twice then they just have to change the title tag back to its basic (non year) version.

we have to edit the format to add the year tag in the first place, surely we can remove the year from the title tag at the same time if we dont want it in there anymore

i’d prefer it sooner but so long as its in the plan im happy with that

Titles could have the year in them already, hence you previous response.

Again, we’re not looking to support every combination out there. We’ll see what happens when we eventually get to that issue.

I am curious why you want clean titles, but still have the year in brackets, what problem are you solving with clean titles in the first place?

yes, they could, but how is that actually an issue devs need to worry about? are you really thinking people will add the {year} tag to their existing format, of say {series titleyear}, and then get upset that year is in there twice and wont even think to just change {series titleyear} to {series title}?

i understand that, no one wants to code in every possible combination but i think the devs tried that route to begin with by making a year variant of the existing title tag instead of making a separate tag for it.

they made things more complicated and much harder for themselves instead of simpler, and ended up limiting how the year could be used to how they thought it would be used, not necessarily how the users wanted to use it.

i like all lowercase clean titles as it makes it a little bit easier on the eye, call it personal preference, plus i dont want the weird characters, they look weird, theyre hard to type in (think ellipses) when you have to do that, and in case they cause issues (synology nas, windows clients, mac clients, plex, onedrive backup) better to make things as clean and simple as possible.

i like the year in brackets for series folders because it looks weird when its not, but i’d probably leave it without brackets in the episode format, only because i use dot notation for those, eg {series.cleantitle}.{year}.s{season:00}e{episode:00}.{mediainfo.videocodec}.{quality title}

Yes, as on of the devs I’m worried about it.

Oh 100% someone will, but that’s not the point…

A series with the year already in the official title, such as Boss (2011) would have double years; if you chose {Series Title} ({Series Year}) you’d end up with Boss (2011) (2011). There is no way to fix that without a {Series TitleWithoutYear} token.

oh, i get it now, that makes more sense

so the issue is the requirement for thetvdb, and uploaders, to be able to differentiate between series of the same name. so they add the year onto the name of all the non first series, to do that, even though technically thats not part of its name, and sonarr has to follow that convention or end up downloading the wrong series.

so we need a way to cover both series name variants, not screw up the user in the process, and not be overly complex for the devs to code and maintain.

you could store the actual series name (minus any year), store the year separately (you may already do this), add a boolean value to let you know if the year was stripped and should be included when searching (if you strip it from the name then it would be set to true)

you then add a checkbox option in media management for ‘remove year from series names’ (disabled by default). that wau you can use the existing tokens without any other UI changes, just some small backend changes, basically checking to see if the year needs to be added back onto the title wherever its used

its a lot of what look like small code changes (although may not be) that let you simplify the title tags and allows for selecting a display option for the series title (no year / title + year if its there / force add year) as well (if you wanted to).

you could also just do the above and instead of the checkbox create those without tag variants and with the title already broken down into its components (actual title, year, year stripped flag) you should be able to build it back up into any format you can think of without too much bother.

i dont know if its actually viable but its an alternative to adding new tags (if you didnt want to do that), and as all the title parts are broken down you can build them back up into any format you, or the users, require, and not be stuck with a single format you have to build around.

I completely understand what your saying. Yeah I agree with you 100% that someone will complain that the year is coming up twice if the year is already in the title and they add {Series Year} to it; But I think your thinking about it the way you are is over complicating it. If the Year already appears in the title then just a quick edit to remove the tag {Series Year} would be all the person has to do so that the year doesn’t appear twice.

with {Series Title} {Series Year} Boss (2011) = Boss (2011) (2011)
with {Series Title} Boss (2011) = Boss (2011)
with {Series Year} Boss (2011) = (2011)

so you devs don’t need to figure out how to striip out the year from every title so the double year issue doesn’t happen. I suggest to just let the double year issue happen and people will eventually figure out that for certain series they don’t need to add the {Series Year} tag with {Series Title}. Yes I have some faith that knowing how stupid people can get and be there’s always someone who asks for to fix this and always someone who answers with the correct answer.

The workaround to that would be change the format, rename all files and then set it back, not obvious and not a solution as they would need to do that every time a file was grabbed.

That’s not something we’re going to do, it’s ignoring a blatant problem.

Ok well can you atleast get the renaming to work like it did in v2 as v3 (which I know your well aware of) is not working. Then going from there yeah its still gonna be a while but its a starting point.

I’m not sure I’m “well aware”.

What exactly isn’t working?