A noob on Manjaro needs help with file permissions

Sonarr version (
**OS Manjaro
Debug logs:
**Description of issueFile permission:

I dont think a log file is needed
For most of all this will be a simple question but for me still in the learning curve i don’t see the solution
I’m running manjaro dowloading with Qbittorent
Sonarr has no trouble sending the download reqeust to Qbittorrent but when it’s time to rename and send it to the designated folder i get the error
Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr
Sonarr is starting as service with the username Sonarr and group Sonarr
The download folder is username rick and group rick
Also the MNT disk where my TV folder is is username rick and group rick
Now i have tried to change the username and group name in the service file with systemd to rick but then Sonarr will not start anymore (made such a mess of it that i even installed manjaro again)
Set in the settings of Sonarr >media managment > permission chmod 755 and unmask 022 but still it don’t work
Who can help this noob
Thx infront for any help