90 Day Fiance - Pillow Talk

I am hoping a correction can be made to 90 Day Fiance’s Pillow Talk.

The downloads are not automatic because of the different flavours 90 Day Fiance.

As an example - 90 Day Fiance - The Other Way is in its 3 season. So any Pillow Talks uploaded are season 3. Currently in Sonarr it is recognized as Season 11.

In order for me to find the proper episode. I have to check Sonorr’s Season 3 of Pillow Talk and look for the newest downloads after the episode airs. After 11 Season’s. It has taking a lot of time to compile all episodes all except Season 10. Which is 90 Fiance - Pillow Talk - Darcey & Stacey. Which is Season 2.

I don’t know what fix is but I am hoping there is one.