1080i as quality definition?


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OS: DSM 6.1
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Description of issue: 1080i is not a quality definition

Is it possible to define 1080i as a new quality?

I have a problem with my spanish tracks. Contributors of this trackers uses a old denomination for series that are emited at spanish television, 1080i instead of 720p.

Then this episodes are recognized by Sonarr as SD. I configured this series to download any quality then episodes are downloaded but fail import because Sonarr expect SD but episode it´s recognized as 1080p.

Any solution?

Thanks in advanced


We do not plan to separate 1080i to it’s own quality, typically those fall under RAW-HD, though might be grouped into HDTV 1080p. Examples of releases that aren’t being detected properly would be needed to make any changes.


Some questions @markus101. Maybe is more simple for you and could work for me.

Could I fix it with …

Quality Definitions Title? How works Title? If I rename RAW-HD title to HDTV 1080i then is episode grabbed as RAW-HD? Could I config more than one title for quality? Why Sonarr grab correctly for example “HDTV 1080p” when quality is HDTV-1080p and title is HDTV-1080p?

Restrictions? If I´ll make a tag with may include “1080i” and apply this tag to serie then are episodes downloaded even though its not fit with quality?

Custom script post download? If I make a script to add “HDTV 1080p” to filename when Sonarr notify download, then when Sonarr check next time for downloads files it import this file?

Thanks, and sorry about my poor english


If you want to post logs, please link them here, don’t post them directly. Foe the examples, we just need the release names.

It controls what Sonarr will use when renaming the file. Nothing else.

No, that’s not how it works.

No, they still need to match to the quality, those are just further restrictions.

If you did a post processing script in your client then it would, but Sonarr’s scripts don’t execute until after import.


Release name: Presunto culpable 1x01 Vértigo [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS] [spanish]
File name: Presunto culpable 1x01 Vertigo [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS].mkv

Release name: Presunto culpable 1x02 Culpabilidad [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS] [spanish]
File name: Presunto culpable 1x02 Culpabilidad [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS].mkv

Release name: hds_Cuentame_como_paso_-_19x14_343_La_antena_colectiva_HDTV_1080i_AVC_MP2_2_0_Sub_GrupoHDS
File name: Cuéntame cómo pasó - 19x14 [343] La antena colectiva [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS].mkv

Release name: hds_Cuentame_como_paso_-_19x15_344_Cuarenta_anos_de_baile_HDTV_1080i_AVC_MP2_2_0_Sub_GrupoHDS
File name: Cuéntame cómo pasó - 19x15 [344] Cuarenta años de baile [HDTV 1080i AVC MP2 2.0 Sub][GrupoHDS].mkv

All of this (and previous or next episodes) are grabbed by Sonarr as SDTV, but not imported because Sonnar thinks that it are HDTV 1080p (maybe because Sonarr scan media?)



@markus101, Need you more data?


Thanks, for the info, this will be added in the next release.


Many thanks @markus101


@markus101 I also have this problem with the release: American.Chopper.S07E08.Yanks.for.the.Memories.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-TrollHD

Its finding 2 episodes using the RAW HD profile but those two are listed as Season 11 rather than 7.

I think the problem could be down to the fact the series has had several different iterations, some was broadcast online only and some with a different name; senior vs junior. Therefore depending how you count the latest season is 7 or 11.


TrollHD is RAW-HD, beyond I’m not sure what you’re asking, but it seems to be off topic for this thread.


It doesn’t pick the episodes up correctly. Only the ones labelled season 11.


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