XEM TVDB and American Pickers/Pawn Stars

Now that XEM has stopped updating American Pickers and Pawn Stars AND TVDB refuses to change to the correct numbering permanently (it has been at least 5 years since History changed to SxxExx). It would be nice if I could choose another info source like TVMaze that does have the correct numbering.

I know about renaming and manual importing, it is just a pain to remember I have to do it for 2 shows out of hundreds. on an otherwise flawless automatic system.

It looks like they were current to the end of 2022 for both shows.

Did XEM say they are no longer going to update? Or they just haven’t caught up with the start of the new season in the last week?

The former would be very odd, since that’s their whole reason for existing.
The latter you probably just have to prod them on IRC.

I don’t know that they said anything, but most of last season I had to manually download or import. Maybe they were just a week or 2 behind. As of today, January 10 XEM has not updated American Pickers that aired January 4.
TVDB claims they will not change it because it switched back and forth in seasons 1 & 2, now in season 24. Now, if they correct it everybody that has a work around will complain. I don’t know who they think they are punishing.
I have to use TVMaze in Kodi for those 2 shows when the numbers are corrected, it gets confusing.

I guess I’m just venting, maybe the people art TVDB will wake up someday.

Ah kk, I was just going off what you said initially.

So yeah, just jump on IRC and ask them to actively update.

As for TVDB, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

TMDB makes more sense.

That’s NEVER going to happen. Once a bunch of asses always a bunch of asses.

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