WWE Smackdown live & WWE 205 Live

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Debug logs: https://1drv.ms/t/s!Aobm4t9T4YKsgaBMhlVOUgcIQ-Qe5g
Description of issue: WWE Smackdown Live and WWE 205 Live never download, other WWE programming is fine when configured as series type daily, as per the screenshots below. As WWE programming doesn’t have season episode format. The only thing these two shows seem to have in common is the word ‘Live’ being in their title. Is it possible the word ‘Live’ is causing somesort of problem with series set to daily. Screenshots below show all results coming back as unknown series despite finding results, which as far as I can see, are no different in naming convention than they are for RAW, NXT and NXT UK which is setup exactly the same and works fine. (All series have a cut off point of 720p)

RAW manual search:

NXT UK manual search:

NXT manual search, also brings back NXT UK results but correctly identifies is as being wrong series and correctly downloads the right series:

Smackdown live manual search, all results show as unknown series.

205 Live manual search all results show as wrong series apart from some random releases labelled as S3, which make no sense as episode numbers for the show, all date formatted entries show as unknown series!

I know it’s only grown men rolling around in their underwear but should I log this on github instead as a bug?

No, this is not a bug, it’s a naming issue.

WWE Smackdown Live is an alias for WWE SmackDown (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/wwe-smackdown).

It looks like they are partially the same, though the series the alias is linked to have more episode information. This should be cleaned up on the TVDB and things should be consolidated to a single series.

The WWE 205 Live issue is they are being parsed as anime releases, there may be nothing we can do without an overhaul to the parsing system. This is why the logs show: Episode Parsed. WWE - 205 instead of the full title + date.

Thanks. Adding the other series directly using its tvdb id and then doing an auto search for last weeks episode with the series set to daily has worked. Thank you.

As for 205 live, I can deal with that series having to be a manual search and manually clicking one of the links it provides, it’s not a massive big deal.

Thanks for the pointers.

@markus101 I thought the TVDB stopped allowing and dumped sports and wrestling shows. Did i misunderstand that?

AFAIK they’ve never allowed it, but have let WWE stand for some time now, which seems fair, it’s more entertainment than sports (IMO).

Got it. Thanks. (and agreed, but they seem to have some odd way of determining things like that)

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