Wrong Size on Disk after Rescan

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OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
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Description of issue:
I have started converting to HEVC/H.265 the shows that take up an enormous amount of space. After converting, i replaced the files but kept the exact same names except some MKV files are now MP4.

When doing a rescan of the show, it removes all the MKV files and rescans the new MP4 files but doesn’t rescan the MP4 files because it thinks they haven’t changed.

Season 1 was 112 GB and after the rescan it shows it as 95 GB but in reality, it is 59 GB.
Season 2 was 145 GB and after the rescan it shows is as 110 GB when it is actually 65 GB

Debug logs aren’t really needed since we know exactly what is happening. But if you absolutely need it i will enable them for Season 3 that is in the process of converting now

Yeah, if the file name never changes, it’s never reprocessed by Sonarr, so size, media info, etc are not updated.

I see… i thought about adding HEVC to the filename but i don’t want to lose the watched history in Kodi… I know it will get updated with Trakt but it fails all the time as the site times out very often. Maybe because of the 98,000+ episodes and 13,000+ movies it’s trying to sync…

I guess i will have to bite the bullet and fire up Rename Master…

I’d suggest tackling this by deleting the series from sonarr. After you add it back, I think the only thing that would be missing would be failed download history. So You won’t lose anything substantial that way.

You lose all history and all stored information about the episode file (which you lose if the file is renamed).

And what info is stored besides the download history that won’t come back when the series is added back? The download history that Sonarr stores is great and all, but it’s really not referenced by anything else besides Sonarr and mostly irrelevant after you’ve got acceptable files for the selected quality. I’m also willing to bet that if someone has gone to the trouble of transcoding the files they have, they probably don’t want to redownload replacement ones. So the existing episodes are likely to get marked as unmonitored anyway and even Sonarr won’t be referencing the download history after that.

Episode monitored status might also be useful for someone, if they’ve tweaked it based on what they’ve been able to convert so far.

Blacklist if you need to grab a release in the future for some reason, everything is useful to Sonarr and less useful directly to the user, but it does impact the experience.

Removing and re-adding the series is the quickest way to deal with it, but it is the scorched earth approach.