Why is this invalid

Why is this an invalid file name format:
{Series CleanTitle} - {season:0}{episode:00} - {Episode CleanTitle}

It will work if I put an “e” between season and episode.


Because it’s an ambiguous format, Sonarr doesn’t know whether the 3 digits are season + episode number or an absolute episode number or something else. 1x05 is probably the most common format when not using S01E05.

I thought {season:0} and {episode:00} are place holders or variables.
I don’t see why Sonarr has to know what the final result is
(ex: Season=2, episode=22, so it would be 222 between the hyphens
Ironically Sonarr does recognize my library with this format. (Unfortunately, the newer Plex servers have a problem at season 10 and above, where I have to name season/episode s10e22. Anyway, I’ll live with it as it :slight_smile:
Thank you

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