Why are my older downloads being updated?


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 4.8.1
OS: MacOS Mojive
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Downloading items past cutoff.

As you can see, the cut off is SDTV, there is already a higher quality on the disk (480p), but it is downloading a even higher quality (DVD). Do I have something set wrong? Shouldn’t this setup stop downloading once anything over SD is on the disk?


Because the cutoff hasn’t been met yet

The way you have that profile setup Sonarr will keep downloading “higher” quality releases until it gets an SDTV release (or you had something higher on disk).

According to your profile WEBDL-480p is lower than SDTV, not higher.

If you want it to never upgrade after finding WEBDL 480p then set that as your cutoff.


So if I do this:

Will that solve the problem? I only want 720 if there is never a lower quality available. If I have a SD version do not want it updated.


Yes, that’ll work, if 720p is downloaded it’ll “upgrade” to a 480p release and stop once it has any of them.


Thank you.


Excuse me, but the suggestion was to set the 480 as cutoff, but then in his updated picture, the cutoff is still SD. Does the cutoff then matter as much as the order in the qualities?


The suggestion was based on the original screenshot. Changing the order had the same outcome (and arguably better in that DVD/WEB-DL 480p are preferred over SDTV).

The cutoff relies on the order of the qualities, anything equal to or higher satisfies the cutoff.


I thitnk this ticket should be the basis of a KB article or the “For example” of the page discussing this section Qualities. That last answer by markus101 is great!


The confusing part is in the (?) description.


I took this to mean that the searching would go from the top down. Look for the quality on the top of the list first and the if downloaded stop.

It seems this is not the case, it goes from the bottom up, this is where I think the confusion lies.


It’s not searching for each quality, but higher in the list means it’ll be chosen over over something lower. That’s the behaviour you were seeing, Sonarr was grabbing a better quality release because the higher cutoff hasn’t been met.

Sonarr isn’t searching for each episode that you have constantly (it’s watching for them, which is explained in the FAQ) it’s only going to grab what it sees.

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