What's new dialog won't go away - Sonarr 3 Preview


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Docker - from lsiodev/sonarr-preview

Issue: I’ve been running Sonarr 3 in Docker for about a month successfully. Prior to that, I’ve been using 2.x in Docker for over a year. The 3.0 preview was installed as an upgrade to the 2.0 configuration (that is, simply switched the image and used the same parameters). The /configs is pointed to a host-based directory.

Starting yesterday, when I go into Sonarr’s web interface, I’m presented with a “What’s new in 273” screen. Closing this screen or acknowledging it simply refreshes the browser and the dialog comes up again. There is no way that I can tell to get rid of this message and actually use Sonarr anymore.

Additionally, when I acknowledge the message, nothing new is written into the logs. I can’t get to any of the menus in Sonarr to check/change settings because this dialog simply will not dismiss (or, it dismisses and comes right back up).

As a test, I stopped the container, completely removed my configuration and started Sonarr 3 as if it were a first-time startup for a completely empty database. Oddly, despite the logs showing that Sonarr is running, the error message on the web interface shows " Failed to load series from API -Version"

So, I have no idea honestly if 266 or 273 is actually running. The real problem I’m trying to fix, though, is just getting that dialog to disappear and let me use Sonarr again with my existing database.


Which browser?
Have you tried another browser or incognito/private browsing?

When you acknowledge that menu it should reload the page (it did for me with this latest update). It sounds like your browser is aggressively caching things it shouldn’t (or a reverse proxy perhaps?).


Thanks for the response and yes, I should have put that info in the original. I have attempted this on two different Mac computers using Safari, Opera, and Chrome as well as in Windows using Edge, IE, Opera, and Chrome. Even after clearing the cache, the problem persists. The same goes for incognito/private browsing.


Are you using a reverse proxy?

I’m not able to reproduce this behaviour.


OK, what’s that all about? Yes, I am using a reverse proxy (Nginx) but it’s not caching anything. If I bypass the proxy, it does seem to work. Go back to the proxy and I get that loop of update notifications.


Sounds like it’s doing some caching or something funky, if it works when you bypass it, but doesn’t otherwise.

I’m using a reverse proxy as well (caddy though) and not having any issues.


So, I completely agree with your logic here. However, I just installed Traefik (in Docker) as an alternative proxy and even on the first launch, I get the same popup loop. Yet, if I bypass the proxy by opening port 8989 in the container, it doesn’t loop.


If you open the dev tools in your browser, open the network tab and refresh, what response do you get for initialize.js? (only the apiKey is sensitive in there). That file should never cache and is part of the logic that controls the update modal.


Well, the bad news is that I can’t actually test this, @markus101. The good news is that I fixed this by going to CloudFlare and completely emptying their cache. For whatever reason, even after days, that popup loop seems to be cached on their system. So, the problem is now gone though the head scratching is not.

Thank you for your continued assistance!



Huh, that really shouldn’t be cached and the headers indicate that, bypassing their cloud should avoid that in the future :\


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