What permissions to use?

Looking in my TV Shows directory I see that files and folders belong to different users/groups. For example, the main video file belongs to nobody:users, subtitles belong to daemon:daemon

When I connect to the network SMB share from my main desktop I can’t delete any of the files due to a lack of permissions

So for some of the TV show directories I changed the ownership to me:users

What are the correct permission to use for these files so that they can be deleted by any user connecting to the share?

I guess I have a couple of options:

  1. Set the all files and directory ownership to me:users so they can always be deleted by me over SMB. Will this cause any issues with Sonarr?
  2. Instead of changing the owner, change the chmod mask to something like 0777 so it doesnt matter who owns the file

Whats the best approach for this? My goal is to be able to manipulate the files over the network

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