Wanted List has 1000+ shows listed

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OS: Windows 10
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<!--- Additional Information: My wanted list has 90 pages of Monitored shows, but Sonarr has downloaded most, if not all of them already. Do I need to manually delete them? I would prefer they not be downloaded again. I would think once a show is sucessfully downloaded it wouldn't continue to monitor for it.

Wanted missing or cutoff unmet?

Missing shows anything that is monitored and doesn’t have an episode file, cutoff unmet shows anything monitored with a file that hasn’t met the cutoff of the quality profile.

Sonarr will not unmonitor episodes when files are imported, the profiles are used to control whether anything would be grabbed. If you’re deleting/moving files away from the series folder then you’ll want to enable Ignore Deleted Episodes so Sonarr will unmonitor them when it sees them deleted (it won’t apply retroactively).

If there are things you don’t want in either wanted list, unmonitor them.

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