Visual representation of downloaded content

Apologies if this has already been suggested but I was thinking that some kind of visual representation of a show being downloaded on the main page would be quite handy.

At the moment, you can go to “activity” then “history” to see what’s been grabbed, but if you could see something on the main page “at a glance” then it would be nice - even if it’s a small asterisk or even an episode count in the top corner of the poster graphic.

calendar display, the purple arc represents how much of the ep is currently downloaded

series display shows a progress bar for each ep with an active download

the only thing you wont get is the initial grab and the torrent hasnt initialised yet, that you can only find in the history, or your download client. you could ask for a pre-download (the grabbed) icon to be in the arc/circles place until it starts to download to cover that?

or for those that probably dont care as much or have visual issues (and the arc is hard to see when it first starts), having the grabbed then downloading icons there could be a good compromise? (presumably removing them once imported would be ok as you have the colour indicators as well - although i wish those were wider)

where else would you like them to add indicators?

I’d done a quick and dirty mock-up of what I was thinking … it would be on the main landing page and the little red dot in the top corner of the poster could contain the episode count for what has been downloaded overnight maybe.


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