Viewing Option for Selected Show in a Season

As said before, Now even more. The New 2.0 is even better. If you had a way to pass the file handle to a viewer like VLC and return the program would be mostly a standalone program. You would have it all. If you could make it like then great. PLEX is okay to work with but you MUST be ON the INTERNET to watch. I want something that will pass it to another computer when you call up the program. I am not caring about sending to all the cast able items like ROKU or Chromecast. I just want a simple way to verify that the file associated with the show is not the wrong one.

Not asking for the moon, Just a low orbit.
Also one other thing. If a POSTER is blank, it is probably due to the link not finding it online. I have several shows of personals that work great in sonarr also. It would be real easy to find the number somewhere in the listing that point to the number in MEDIACOVER.
It takes a while to find it but it can be done and I love that fact that all the Media Covers are standard names but it makes it hard to find and is a nightmare for a file duplication program.
Allow the program to access the Media Covers as 248 - POSTER - “Official Link Name”

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