V3 quality group ordering and preferred words


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Synology DSM 6.2 - Docker - lsiodev/sonarr-preview
trace logs: https://pastebin.com/Ccs2RrJS (look for S05E08 - theres a transmission update in the middle just skip it)

1st presumption is that when you group qualities their order within the group is immaterial - from this previous thread Qualities and preferred tags weight

2nd presumption is that when you do a manual search the results are ordered in the same way that sonarr would order them to download. eg the one at the top is the one sonarr would pick if you did an automatic search (and it got the same results as the manual search)

one or both could be bad presumptions as its not currently working that way

i have a release profile with x265 h265 hevc x.265 h.265 all as +20 each and has the rename ticked (just in case that issue isnt fixed yet)

i’ve got every 720p quality variant grouped together in the quality profile (i dont care about sub quality, plus it makes things easier for later)

when i do a manual search the files are sorted in the same order as i have grouped them within the quality profile, which i didnt think they were meant to do.

the files with the preferred words are tagged correctly but as those files are 4th in the group they are on the next page, not at the top of the 720p files (due to having +20)

my presumption was that it shouldnt matter how you order the qualities within a group they all have the same order level when it comes to selecting a file, sonarr should lump all 720p files together (as they are grouped), then add the preferred words value

if i edit the quality profile and move the 4th quality to be the 1st in the group then the manual search shows them at the top and the auto search will select a file from that quality which sort of makes groups pointless

so i guess the whole preferred words with a quality really means that, they only work within the same quality, even if you group them? which makes them rather ineffective as well so i presume its a bug, maybe two?

its easily repeatable but i’ll try and upload screenshots and the trace logs i got from it!

V3 not grabbing higher score profile item

That’s the intention.

This is/has always been the case.

You’re correct in how it should work, but it isn’t working properly within groups; that’s a bug, I’ll have to take a look at that.


Seeing a similar issue with the preferred words and REPACKs.

REPACK/PROPER downloading is disabled in media management.

Release profile is setup as:

However, for vanderpump rules s06e24 the result is:

It ignores the AMZN release which has the higher 100 score.

The hope was that by disabling PROPER management, i can have it in the preferred words so that for example:

Episode that already exists is an AMZN with 100 score.
New TBS proper comes out, (doesnt download - because it only scores 20).
New AMZN PROPER comes out, scores 120, so does download.


but that one also has a red exclamation mark which means its been disqualified - mouse over the ! whats the reason?


It grabbed the REPACK before I took that screenshot.

I have removed the episode file and done another manual search:

The first AMZN is ignored because I have a dont allow “Rakuv” profile.

But as can be seen, the KINGS AMZN below it, should in theory? be accepted over the top REPACK, however if I do an automatic search, it will grab the TBS REPACK over the higher scored AMZN…


yep, theyre all the same quality so they should be ordered in preferred word value, not sure why repacks/propers would get a higher order if youve disabled download propers unless its a bug?


Yep, PROPER/REPACK download has been disabled in the Media Management settings screen.

It does seem like a bug, perhaps PROPER/REPACK still holding weight, even though its been “disabled” in media management.


That’s expected, that option is to control upgrading to propers only. We’re still talking about exactly how we want to handle this case.


Glad to hear its being discussed.

Currently, even disabling proper management in the settings, then setting repack/proper/real as a preferred word is rather erratic.

In the sense, a TBS REPACK WEBDL, when it notices there’s an AMZN release, higher scored, it will not grab it as its “not an upgrade” over the existing file and requires manual importing - even though if it was to properly score it according to the preferred words, it scores less than the AMZN.


I guess one solution could be to only download / upgrade to propers when it knows its from the same release group.

e.g, initial download was a TBS release, so it grabs the TBS REPACK.

If it was an NTb release initially, ignore the TBS REPACK.

That would not resolve the issue of preferred words being “ignored” in searches when there is REPACK/PROPER available though.


That wouldn’t work for propers since a proper is for a different release group whereas a repack is for the same release group.


Let’s see if I understood correctly - you’re saying that if you download a TBS release, then the repack of the TBS release, it won’t download the AMZN that came out the day after because (even with proper/repack management disabled) repack > even releases with higher scores?


Yep, that’s exactly what I am saying.

Example today:


So the repack is considered higher quality and won’t grab the higher scored AMZN.

So it proves to be really problematic in the current state.

Your options are:

  1. Keep proper management enabled, grabs repack (overwrites an AMZN - or doesn’t download an AMZN as REPACK is higher).

  2. Keep proper management disabled, add REPACK/PROPER/REAL preferred word +20 score, AMZN +100 score. If repack is released first, it won’t upgrade to a higher scoring AMZN like todays Vikings or an AMZN REPACK.

  3. Keep proper turned off, don’t add repack / proper / real preferred words and hope there’s no repack/proper/real as it won’t upgrade, and then pray that there’s an AMZN release.

I am now going with option 3 until a solution is figured out

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