V3 - No 'toggle monitored' in Missing screen


The ‘toggle selected’ function appears to be missing in the Wanted => Missing screen. This was really useful for looking down the list of wanted shows and knocking any out that I don’t want to download.


Same as v2 you can bulk unmonitor them though the label needs to be updated since it’s showing Monitor Selected.


Okay, cool. Didn’t seem to work, but will try again.

BTW, part of the issue may be that after clicking the button, the missing list doesn’t refresh so the items don’t disappear. Same after doing a manual import - I have to manually refresh the entire page to get the list to update. Would be neat if it auto-updated.


Just to update, I selected two torrents in the list, clicked Monitor selected, and nothing happened. Refreshed the page, and they were still there. So if it’s supposed to work as you describe, it’s not working. :wink:


The “toggle monitored” button is still not working in


You’re going to need to provide more details… it’s working for me.


Okay, sorry. That’s totally weird. I tried it yesterday, and earlier today, and no joy. Just tried it again, and it works, as you say.

So you can close the issue. Thanks!


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